Welcome to our digital prospectus. We have once again made the decision to run with a virtual open evening and live school tour format for this year. We believe this is the right approach in these continuing uncertain times. Please scroll down this page to hear and see how our school runs. We are determined to give you the best insight we can and hope you enjoy what you see. You can book on to both our virtual open evening live Google Meets and our school tours further down this page.

The Priory School is a learning environment which promotes high aspirations, high expectations and academic success.

In leading the school I have four key aims:

• To be ambitious for academic success for our students.
• To ensure that our students enjoy their learning.
• To create opportunities for students to develop the key values of responsibility, respect and resilience.
• To keep students safe and happy at school so that they can learn effectively.

At The Priory School we have a dedicated team of teachers, support staff and governors who believe that every child has the right and ability to succeed. To embed our students’ learning, we need to ensure that we have strong partnerships with parents and carers. By sharing the same educational goals and working collaboratively, we will be able to lay the foundations for the future success of your child.

Geraint Edwards


Our School Ethos

The Priory School is an inclusive, community, co-educational school. We provide our students with a rounded education, focused on both progress and attainment, whilst promoting the values of responsibility, respect and resilience.



Supporting students to become life-long learners who are motivated, self-regulating, reflective, civic-minded and effective leaders.



Encouraging students to be inclusive, tolerant and able to demonstrate democratic values.



Equipping our students with the skills to meet the challenges and demands of 21st century life.

What do we do at The Priory School?

Our School Life

These videos introduce some of our key members of staff who introduce some of the many elements of The Priory School that make it such a great place to learn. As you will see, alongside a dedication to academic success, our school promotes each child to get involved with and succeed in a huge range of other opportunities that are on offer here.

What does the school look like?

Explore our school in 360°

Click on the image to the left of the screen to dive into our 360° tour, giving you an opportunity to look into classrooms, see our sports facilities and where you’ll have your lunch! We’re really proud of our school and this tour will give you an insight into the space in which we teach and learn. Throughout the tour, you can click on the numerous icons on the screen to uncover more information, photos and video clips to help give you a better picture of what we offer here.

Take a 360° tour
What is Year 7 like at The Priory School?

Our Students

Our Uniform

Our Year 7's look really smart in our red Priory School jumper with a white shirt, Priory School tie (for boys) and black trousers or skirt.

PE & Sport

As well as PE lessons, we have a range of clubs offering all sorts of sports….and even things like Spikeball and rock climbing.

TPS Challenge

Complete 12 different challenges in Year 7 to achieve your #TPSApprentice badge which you can proudly wear on your uniform!


All Year 7s will start school with a Chromebook. We want to help build digital resilience - learning independently, creatively, collaboratively and communicating anywhere at any time. Read 2021's Parent Pack.


Continue to learn a musical instrument, or maybe find your new instrument - we offer lots of opportunities outside of lessons including termly concerts and a whole school musical every other year!


We have a fantastic library full of books to suit everyone's taste. Year 7 have dedicated time in Form and English lessons for reading, sometimes sitting on our astro turf in the sunshine!

Our 2021 Opening Evening...

As part of our 2021 Virtual Open Evening we've put together 3 speeches, a video tour from a current Year 7 and a playlist of videos from each of our departments.

Lily's Day at The Priory School

Follow Lily, who was in Year 7 last year, as she shows you what her school day looks like at The Priory School. Lily takes you on a tour starting with her form time. She'll show you the food served in the cafe, explain how to join different clubs and what lockers are used for, and finally give you a quick insight into 5 different lessons!

What happens in my different lessons?

Hear from our Heads of Department

Would you like to know more about the subjects we offer at The Priory School? Each of our Heads of Department have taken the time to explain what goes on in their department. Click the link below to visit the playlist.

Department Playlist

A to Z of TPS Outside the Classroom

From Archery to Zoom Lockdown Quizzes... there's lots that goes on outside the classrooom at The Priory School!

Do you have more questions?

Contact Us

If you've got a question we haven't answered, please get in touch. You can directly email us at admin@priory.herts.sch.uk, or fill in the Google Form and we'll get the right department to get back to you as soon as possible.